About Knowledge Labs

At Knowledge labs, we handle every aspect of structured and non-structured documentation. Our team of experts works as developers and communicators of information, and pass on this information to the end users in an effective manner. We play a variety of roles while achieving this goal.

As writers, we make the user understand the product, or a technology, or a process better through effective documentation. As editors, we critically analyse the language, text, visuals and maintain its consistency with the subject.

As information and Web designers, we simplify complex chunks of information, by combining the skills of writing, design, and usability; making it more meaningful to the end users.

We also serve as the first users of your products and services, and give you vital inputs in terms of user difficulties. By asking you the right kind of questions during the creation of the user documents, we help you present your products and technology in a much simplified manner.

As the developers of Information, we create a single source content which is written only once, and can be moved to alternate media seamlessly. Our customers immensely benefit from such writing in terms of saving on repetitive creative costs.