Knowledglabs Technology

From the time we started in 2012, we had a continuous thirst to experiment and improve our HR, documentation, and engineering processes. It’s been a rich journey through ‘plan driven’ to ‘change driven’ processes…and, this approach has helped us immensely when we started out Software Development effort, very recently.

New product ideas and business go through a lot of flux in the initial stages. At Knowledge Labs, we have refined the process a bit and have built a mind-set in our work culture that is capable of handling such uncertainty.

We believe in taking those smaller steps, ensuring we achieve predictable quality and ship on a predictable date. Our development methodology is simple and completely transparent over the development process through regular updates, rigorous tracking (time and costs), frequent binary drops, and a strong feedback mechanism.

If you are looking for a small outfit with experience and domain expertise, Knowledge Labs is the perfect development partner for you. Our delivery expertise enables us to keep a balance between time-cost-scope, the three important aspect of product development. Moreover, we could offer you a business model that, perhaps, not one else can offer.

Knowledge Labs has a custom Agile method for Global collaboration supported by a collaborative platform and frameworks to enable rapid product lifecycle management. Although small in size, our team of software professionals is extremely talent and experienced. We adopt a combination of methodology and state-of-the-art product lifecycle management tools, which allows us to overcome the challenges of working across a distributed environment to deliver high-quality products while accelerating timelines and reducing development costs substantially.

The business model we propose is successful because it talks about customer satisfaction as our only success criteria. Our approach and the processes we follow deliver the software you need as you need it.

The following process diagram shows how the model works. The model is transparent, and our customers enjoy being partners in the software process, developers actively contribute regardless of experience level, and managers concentrate on communication and relationships.

Knowledge Labs takes full advantage of capabilities, features and tools of Microsoft .NET for building complex business applications, Code reusability from a library of rich components helps in reducing application development time and cost.

We have excellent experience in all versions of Microsoft .NET frameworks and our continuous learning make us compatible to leverage any new technology coming to .NET market.

Besides the expertise in Microsoft Technologies, we also have expertise in Android and iOS development.

LANGUAGES - C, C++, C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, SharePoint / Exchange Server
TOOLS – VS (2010, 2008, and 2005), NAnt, MSBuild, Nunit, CruiseControl, Vision
CLOUD – Amazon EC2
MESSAGING – Web services, SQL Serve
PORTAL - SharePoint, DotNet Nuke