E-learning and Web Based Trainings

We produce web-ready online training in Macromedia Authorware and soft-copy demonstrations in both MS-PowerPoint and Corel Presentations. Based on the customer needs, we also provide hard-copy versions of our courses, including color graphics and posters.We also provide training in Technical Writing and associated tools.

We at Knowledge Labs understand the importance of communications in the corporate world. Our training modules mainly consist of Etiquette training, various Soft-skills training, behavioral training and Voice and Accent training. We also accept industry specific training assignment customized for special demographics. We also plan to conduct trainings on Creativity and Innovation in the coming months

In this modern era of changing business dynamics, the usefulness and the delivery model has changed dynamically according to the training needs. Today, people need training at their door steps; on their cell phones or other mobile devices. Therefore, porting educational content on smaller screens poses a challenge for designers and developers. E-Learning modules are changing the way an organization approaches their training and development needs.

At Knowledge Labs, we help you train your staff by creating customized trainings, which the participant can take at their own pace. Our effort is to create engaging e-Learning modules that improve the performance of your people. Our focus is on making the learning process absorbing, so your staff can apply their knowledge at their workplace almost immediately.